No Title 

​I am a loud introvert…  

That means there is a tendency to give the wrong impression and then roll with the whole thing until it blows up in the worlds of those who claim to know me. 

It is very easy to feel lonely around me because I care not very much for the intricacies that are involved in companionship and the like.. (Hahahaha that is a lie,  this girl is a sucker for love)…. 

Well for the most part,  I am that human that wants to be figured out….  My extreme introvert tendencies only allow me to show a few aspects of my life,  mostly those Common to the people around me at a particular point in time.. 

(And no,  I am not a hypocrite neither am I bipolar or tripolar… Or what ever it is that comes after that) 

I sit there and wait to be figured out by those that claim to love me and reward them with the gift of my friendship 

You see I say that my friendship is a reward not because I  think myself in high regard (read,  overly intelligent,  exceptionally talented and beautiful narcissist).. (Also if the name Sherlock Holmes didn’t cross your mind while reading the previous description;  stop reading as I don’t think you worthy of reading my piece..) (See …I am such a nice person…..  Honest and the like) 

But because I love my friends and when I love,  I do so deeply and very truly (if this doesn’t make grammatical sense, just interpret it as an emphasis kind of thing..) 

And so I feel my friendship worth earning…  Worth waiting for and in the extreme of worlds,  (read war time, during a purge,  poverty,  or a basic girl fight)  worth fighting for (this will be rare and most of the circumstances will require fighting along with me as opposed to fighting for me). 

I am also very opinionated (in my head mostly),  to a certain degree stubborn and but also somewhat conflicted….  (This shall be solved by the nyum nyum,  don’t ask what that is….. But I’ll tell you anyway..  That is code for my planet of bliss). 

In conclusion, I wrote this mostly for me and I will be reluctant to share it so if you are reading this then count yourself lucky for being one of the few people to benefit from my generosity. 

Yours truly,  ME


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  1. This shall be solved by the Nyum Nyum.

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