my mind ran away with me 

​my mind ran away with me.. 

It went with me into the chambers of my heart,  and fit me into the little cracks and crevices of the walls that once stood as its protection….  

Which walls are  now only reminders that the some of them came down,  my heart evaded and then broken….. 

My mind ran away with me into those memories and I was reminded of how good it felt to be strong and unbroken… 

But it also showed me how beautiful it was to have you in it …

it reminded me that I was stronger with you in it ….and that life was worth living becuase for a while you did a better job at taking care of my heart than I ever did … 

Because my mind kept all the memories, it sat me down in my heart and played me a video of how often and hard I laughed and cried when you were here with me (the darn video was so long and cheesy and I only say that the video was sad because you left..) 

But I shall move forward now,  for they say it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all…  So my mind brought me back,  and reminded me of the Hope of a better life somehow and a better love in the times to come.

Yours truly,  the reforming pessimist


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