The Memory of the non existent 

​I sat next to you today 

I don’t quite remember if we spoke!  But how else would I be able to feel this way if we didn’t say a word to each other? 

I sat next to you today; and all I can say is that it was breathtaking, so much that the memory of having you next to me is in itself breathtaking all these hours later

I sat next to you today, was this the first time we’ve met?  Or was this Time’s way of telling me something…  showing me that at a different place and time, in a different era,long before time was even birthed, you existed , and that in that time, may be I knew you. 

I cannot lie, I did not pay attention to what you looked like,  I cannot even accurately say what your smile looked like, but I felt it in my heart that you laughed, and when you did, you laughed with all your might…  

I sat next to you today but time did not allow me to look at you longer,  all I remember is that you smiled, and that it was beautiful . 

I cannot remember if I hugged you at the end of our encounter but I felt warm, I still do.. the kind of warmth that travels through the rays of the early morning sunrise.. 

I sat next to you today, and it feels like I have met you before.. but before I go ahead to define what I saw and didn’t see, it was a pleasant moment, so much that my eyes tear at the thought of seeing you again..

I sat next to you today and I don’t know why you were there today, next to me. . 

I don’t know who you are but I sat next to you today, and I think you are love, because I can feel it and I want what you have to give… 

I sat next to you today, and I let you slip away

The Reforming Pessimist 


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